University of Surrey

Degree Studied:

BSc Economics


Graduate Programme

Business Area:

Data and Statistics

The Bank is a unique place to experience economics first hand. Working in public policy institution, I am close to decisions being made with national and international consequences and can see how my own work feeds into these decisions. The Bank works on behalf of the British people across the three main policy areas of monetary, macro-prudential and micro-prudential policy and there are a great variety of roles that influence the policy committee decisions, and many opportunities to gain experience across the board.

The staff are wonderful and friendly and the rich mixture of backgrounds leads to an open and collaborative environment. The Bank is making further strides to improve staff diversity, a move which will continue to strengthen the institution. To some, the Bank hasn’t shaken off the image of an old man’s club, but once working here it’s easy to see that impression is far from the truth.

For an institution with such a rich history, it may be seen that the Bank can be stuck in set ways, but there is a real sense of change and progress being made. The Bank has come a long way is recent years, and there are some staff with great stories to tell of how things used to be, but there is a real sense of development to come. People working here are open to new ideas and really encourage new joiners to develop new skills and explore new ways of working.