University of Aston

Degree Studied:

IT Management for Business


Graduate Programme

Business Area:

Information Security Division

I choose the Bank for a number of reasons. Everyone I spoke to said how collaborative and friendly Bank staff were and how much the values really affected the culture. I really wanted to work in technology but not in the technology sector and I had already worked in finance services so it felt like the perfect fit. There was a strong emphasis placed on learning and development, not only within the graduate scheme with the Central Banking Qualification but also on the job, with plenty of opportunities for shadowing and cross-divisional working.

I really enjoy the culture in the Bank, there is a real emphasis placed on wellbeing and taking an initiative not only in the work we do but also in the way that we work. A lot of the work I do has a unique sector overview and could not be done in the same way anyway else but requires collaboration with other organisations. I feel that the work I do has real world impact and its working towards the mission of the Bank. You cannot also help but enjoy working in a building like the Bank.

I thought the culture of the Bank would be much more traditional and it would be harder to get across ideas. A lot of staff members work from home or hot desk and there are plenty of opportunities to express ideas for work and the Bank as a whole.  There is a register for opportunities across the Bank and you can shadow just about any team within the Bank. I did not expect to have much responsibility in my first year but I am a team lead on a project and produce reports going to senior management.