University of Exeter

Degree Studied:

Economics with Econometrics


Industrial Placement

Business Area:

External MPC Unit

I chose the Bank because it offers such a wide range of opportunities to develop and it was a chance to work for one of the most historic organisations in the UK. The Bank’s placement scheme gives you the chance to work in a variety of departments, alongside learning in depth knowledge about the main area you are based in.

The best part about working at the Bank is the fact that you can be part of key policy and regulatory decisions that affect the economy. The Bank has important duties to help manage the economy and by working here you can understand the processes behind these decisions and play a role in them. The work you do is always well appreciated and is often part of important short-term and long-term projects.

The most surprising thing about the Bank is how everyone is extremely welcoming and helpful despite me coming from university and having very little experience. The Bank has a great attitude towards students, and gives many opportunities to train as well as giving the necessary support. Throughout my year I have felt an important member of the team, and was treated as an equal alongside experienced colleagues.