University of Warwick

Degree Studied:

Computer Science


First Year Internship

Business Area:

Financial Markets Infrastructure Directorate

I have a great interest in technology and problem solving. I have always had a great curiosity in how technology underpins the world of finance. The Bank of England provides me with a unique opportunity to not only work within the Bank, but learn where the skills I am developing at University fit in within the Bank and the financial world itself. The Bank has a clear drive in challenging and bringing out the best in their staff, a working environment I feel privileged to be a part of.

Every member of staff is friendly and welcoming. Despite working in FMID, I now have a strong understanding of numerous areas within the Bank. Not only thanks to the staff members I had to pleasure of speaking with, but also the vast variety of seminars the Bank put on in order for all members of the Bank to share ideas and knowledge; resulting in an open and productive workplace. I have felt honoured to have the chance to talk with such self-motivated people who all strive towards the Bank’s common goal.

As a first year Intern, I did not expect to be given as much freedom with my project as I was. Having a passion for technology, I was delighted to be given the opportunity to explore tools such as R and VBA. Implementing such tools in my project meant not only have I taken away a stronger understanding of how the Bank works, but also skills I did not expect to learn which will prove beneficial in progressing through my career. This was only possible due to the Bank’s passion for challenging and bringing out the best in people.