University of Birmingham

Degree Studied:

BSc Economics


Penultimate Year Internship

Business Area:

Supervisory Risk Specialists

I chose the Bank because it gave me the ability to influence policy that affects our everyday lives. When it comes to the maintenance of economic and financial stability the Bank of England are at the forefront, therefore working at the bank gives me the chance to make my contribution to that. Knowing that your work benefits not only yourself but the nation is a very rewarding feeling no matter what level you are at within the Bank. There are not many other organisations that can offer the same experience.

The variety of work you do whilst at the Bank is fantastic. Even as an intern I have worked on multiple projects with different teams, therefore you don’t feel as if your work is tedious. On top of that you are given a lot of responsibility from early on and your managers trust in your ability to get even the most challenging pieces of work done. It is extremely gratifying knowing that the work you are doing will be used from something real. This challenging but supportive environment is perfect for both your career and personal development.

The biggest surprise to me since starting at the Bank, are the countless opportunities you have to learn about something new or something you find interesting from professionals in those fields. There are seminars all the time about various topics and there are going to be many which cater to your interests whether it would be economic development, digital currency or anything for that matter. These are always advertised for staff to go to as well so there is a real encouragement to expand your horizons outside your main role which is a pleasant surprise and perfectly suits the Bank’s culture of personal development.