University of Bristol

Degree Studied:

Economics and Politics BSc


Penultimate Year Internship

Business Area:

Banking, Payments and Financial Resilience

I chose the Bank as it is the institution at the heart of the UK economy. The issues that the Bank deals with are incredibly current and high-profile – it’s a natural choice for anyone with a passion for economics, policy-making and current affairs.

The best thing about the Bank is the opportunity to work with incredibly talented and motivated people on projects that have a real importance in our everyday lives. You are entrusted with a high level of responsibility even at an internship level, ensuring that the work you do is both meaningful and intellectually challenging. The culture at the Bank is extremely supportive, and everyone wants to see you succeed. There are a multitude of opportunities for your career development – there is a true emphasis on investing in individuals.

For me, the variety of issues that the Bank works on is the thing that has surprised me most during my time here. Whilst setting interest rates is perhaps the Bank’s most high-profile function, there are countless other work streams taking place, from payment settlements to parliamentary liaison. This means that there is an extremely diverse range of positions for a diverse range of skill sets, reflected in the variety of talented individuals that the Bank employs.