Durham University

Degree Studied:

Philosophy, Politics & Economics


Penultimate Year Internship

Business Area:

"Banking, Payment and Financial Resilience - Payment and Settlement Analysis"

My reasons for applying to the Bank were similar to those that lead to my decision to study PPE. I am very interested in everything that shapes, defines and makes up our society and the Bank of England is an institution at the very heart of it. You get to do meaningful work with a real impact on people’s lives while experiencing working at a public, yet independent institution which means you get to enjoy benefits from both, the public and the private sector.

The work atmosphere here is really great. Everyone in my team is happy to explain to me what’s going on and show me how things are done here. Most employees are very passionate and through their diverse backgrounds there is a sheer endless pool of perspectives to explore on highly relevant and current issues. This is also picked up by the Bank itself which really encourages you to continuously explore, learn and broaden your horizon.

I was surprised how much trust I was afforded right from the beginning. I was given my own, quite substantial project to work on with a lot of freedom and discretion. For that I also get to research across the Bank’s databases which means reading through lots of interesting documents that contain information I usually couldn’t access. It truly feels like I am an employee here and am not excluded because of my intern status.