University of Nottingham

Degree Studied:

BSc Hons Economics


Penultimate Year Internship

Business Area:

Financial Stability Strategy and Risk

I chose the Bank because they play a central role in the economy which affects the purchasing power of every pound of every person living in the UK. Furthermore I wanted to see how a central bank operates as part of trying to maintain financial and monetary stability. Also, I am able to directly apply aspects of my degree to the work I come across in the Bank.

What I like most about the Bank is the investment into human capital that they provide. The Bank is very open to rotations in different divisions and harbours frequent seminars and training courses which allow you to grow. This is very good for interns and graduates as you gain exposure to different areas improve your skills and apply them to your job.

The most surprising thing about the Bank is the people and environment. On the outside, the Bank can be portrayed as a very prestigious firm. However, the people share one goal and work together to achieve this one goal. This means that you will be part of a team and be able to collaborate with others.