University of Warwick

Degree Studied:

BSc Economics


First Year Internship

Business Area:

Insurance Supervision

I chose the Bank due to its unique position at the centre of the UK economy and financial system. More than at any other institution, the work you do is on the cutting-edge of research and promotes the well-being of society. I knew that at the Bank I would be intellectually challenged and be given the opportunity to learn more about the role the Bank plays in society. As an Economics student, I learn about the importance of the Bank of England in lectures, so experiencing its work first hand was something I really wanted to do.

The Bank is full of amazing people who are willing to give up their time to tell you about their business area. I have learned so much about Insurance Supervision from my team while also being introduced to other areas such as Monetary Analysis and International Bank Supervision. Another exciting aspect of working at the Bank are the various policy and research seminars that you can attend. During my time, I listened to researchers from the Federal Reserve talk about monetary policy uncertainty and was given greater insight into the consumer credit survey the Bank recently published.

What surprised me the most was the amount of responsibility I was given from the first day. My team entrusted me with work that contributed to the ongoing supervision of a major UK insurance firm. The learning curve was steep but rewarding as I knew that I would have made a lasting impact by the end of my internship. From learning about the Solvency II balance sheet to meeting with the insurance firms I helped supervise, every day expanded my knowledge and skillset. The opportunities to learn and attend training at the Bank are unrivalled.