King's College London

Degree Studied:

Philosophy, Politics & Economics


First Year Internship

Business Area:

Insurance Supervision

Having an interest in economics and policy-making, I chose the Bank of England because I was fascinated by the unique nature of the high-profile issues involved. Work done here has the potential to affect each and every person’s day-to-day life and so the desire to make an impact and effect change early on in my career was key to choosing the Bank. From monetary analysis to supervision I was eager to explore the roles available at the Bank and understand where I might fit in best.

One of the Bank’s best assets is its people. People are friendly and always willing to help answer your questions. As an intern this is particularly valuable when the work can be brand new to you. There are also a variety of staff networks where you can meet new people, attend social events and join discussions. If you want to know more about anything at the Bank, the relevant person is more often than not happy to sit down with you over a coffee and discuss it.

Joining the Bank I was surprised by the level of responsibility given to me.  Over these six weeks I’ve assisted with work across the division, including assessing the business strategies, solvency and risk profiles of firms. My main project was contributing to a review of key trends and risks within the private medical insurance market. The analysis I produced will be used by the PRA to inform its approach to the market and highlight areas for follow-up to ensure policyholders are protected.