The LGBT+ and Allies network (launched in 2006) is one of the oldest existing Bank of England staff diversity networks. It’s fully inclusive and is open to every member of staff – with around 300 members so far. This includes visible “allies” who actively support their LGBT+ colleagues and help to make the bank an LGBT+ friendly place to work.

We organise social and networking events, fundraising events, and awareness raising events. We engage with human resources to ensure that the bank's policies are up to date and inclusive – for example refreshing our transgender policies. And we engage with other networks within and outside of the bank. We also have a membership with the public sector financial services organisation StandOUT. For the last two years we have proudly flown the rainbow flag and, together with our other StandOUT colleagues, have taken part in the Pride in London parade, demonstrating visible commitment to an LGBT+ inclusive workplace.

This network aims to:

  • Offer support to anyone dealing with issues relating to sexual orientation (e.g. either personally or with friends or family)
  • Offer help with career issues
  • Promote an open and inclusive work environment, where everyone – regardless of sexual orientation – feels safe and confident to be themselves
  • Reflect the diversity of the Bank