The Mental Health Network (MHN) is a staff network that aims to raise awareness, improve understanding (and dispel misunderstandings) around mental health conditions, highlighting the support available to staff from the bank. We believe that this will help combat stigma around mental health problems, which will lead to staff feeling more able to be open about mental health problems and seek help earlier. The network was launched in November 2012 and, in support of the network’s aims, in October 2013 we publicly signed the organisational pledge of Time to Change, a national campaign aiming to end the stigma and discrimination faced by people with mental health problems. MHN sponsors and helps to arrange events about mental health and wellbeing. External speakers have included Nick Clegg, Alastair Campbell, Richard Layard and Gus O'Donnell. In 2013, Andrew Bailey hosted a Q&A panel where four colleagues – including staff at senior management level – openly shared their own mental health experience in a very powerful and insightful way. Since then there have been other times that staff have shared their stories, including a 'This is Me' film that was launched in 2016.

Watch our This is Me film below: