The Women in the Bank (WIB) Network aims to inspire and enable, ensuring that all women can flourish in the workplace – whatever their aspirations may be.

The network was created over 10 years ago and is open to all colleagues, regardless of gender.

WIB works with colleagues across the bank to identify and tackle the hidden barriers and biases that can hold women back – both in terms of professional development and job satisfaction.  And we offer an accessible forum where colleagues can connect with one another and share their experiences, as well as learn from best practice elsewhere.

The Women in the Bank Network celebrated its recent 10-year anniversary with the release of the refreshed ‘Women in the Bank: Their history’ booklet. This was developed by the network in conjunction with the bank’s archive team.

As a network, we:

  • Connect. We help members to branch out their own personal networks and connect with others through a variety of network wide events and by matching up colleagues in small groups via a coffee randomiser.  We work together with other internal networks and external women’s networks to share lessons learned and organise joint events.
  • Inspire. We host a variety of inspirational talks and hold events that allow colleagues to share career experiences and hear about the stories of others.
  • Challenge. We identify and explore potential issues that need addressing regarding Bank policies or practices, working with HR and senior management to influence decision-making about issues that are particularly relevant to women (such as the gender demographic at the Bank or flexible working). We share news and ideas on inclusion both from outside the bank and from other bank diversity networks.   
  • Listen. We listen to colleagues through various channels, from focus groups and panel events to the Bank mentoring programme and confidential conversations. Where common issues are reported, we pass on feedback and work to improve the organisation's policies or practices. Where appropriate, we advise colleagues on how to address individual issues.