• Runs for 13 months

  • Take on real work

  • Get professional training and invaluable experience

Our Industrial Placements offer an excellent opportunity for those studying a four year course to gain valuable experience and get involved in our policy, research and operational work. The placements run for 13 months, during which you'll be doing real work in a team as well as having regular training and events with your Industrial Placement cohort. To be eligible for this programme, you will need to be able to spend your third year of a four year course in Industry and graduate in 2021.

Outstanding performers will be considered for an offer on our Graduate Programme or Postgraduate Internship at the end of their placement. 

Some challenges you may take on include:

Research Assistant

Gain first-hand experience in the Bank's core work. Alongside economists on a wide range of issues, you'll experience briefings and produce charts and tables for Monetary Policy and Financial Policy Committee. You'll also manipulate economic and financial data for research projects.

Please note, those applying to the Research Assistant position will be required to complete an online Excel test, in addition to the standard recruitment stages.

Business Assistant

Business Assistants are based in either Banking Services or the Programme Office and can work in a variety of roles, including assisting with project processes, supporting testing, trialling and implementation, as well as senior team members. 

IT Associate 

IT Associates will be part of the Technology Division, working in the Application, Development and Maintenance area or the Infrastructure Group. Not only will you be able to contribute to the success of challenging projects but you will also gain valuable hands-on experience from technical experts.


To be eligible for the Industrial Placement programme you will need to be an undergraduate studying for a degree with the opportunity to take a placement year to start in July 2019.  You will need a minimum of 120 UCAS points from three A-Levels or equivalent (excluding General Studies) using the 2017 UCAS Tariff System. This is equivalent to 300 UCAS points using the pre 2017 UCAS Tariff System. The Industrial Placement scheme is not designed for candidates who have already achieved a degree.  Candidates with a degree should instead apply to our Graduate Development Programme.


Applications for the 2019 Industrial Placement Programmes have now closed.

The assessment centres for the Industrial Placement Programmes will take place on the following dates;

Research Assistant Stream: 19th - 27th November 2018 (excluding 21st)

Business Assistant Stream: 30th November

IT Associate Stream: 28th November


We believe our programmes are focused on students at different points in their academic life and so are not expecting applicants to apply for more than one programme. To that end, your first application will be accepted and any duplicates will be rejected.

If you have a situation that you believe you would like to be considered for more than one programme in any given year, please email our team at Penna for further discussion about your circumstances.

For any further queries on the application process, please contact the Bank of England Team at Penna