Threadneedle Street

Programmes Available:

Interns, Industrial Placements, First Degree Graduates, Postgraduate, PhD

Responsible For:

Advanced Analytics is the Bank’s core data science division. We promote the public good by:

  1. Developing new Bank-wide data analysis capabilities
  2. Delivering user-friendly tools and training to help the organisation make the most of its data.
  3. Applying advanced analytical techniques
  4. Using advanced statistical techniques, computer science algorithms and all available data to better understand the developments in the economy and financial system.
  5. Enhancing the data and expertise at the disposal of the Bank and the public
  6. Communicating and linking with outside partners so the Bank is at the forefront of advances in data sources and analytical tools. 

What big issues might I be working on?

Unlocking hidden analytical treasures within our vast amounts of data which help inform policymaking.

What sort of things could I do here?

The range of work we do is very diverse. So you may partner with the colleagues from the other parts of the Bank to solve data analytics problem or you may get involved in research projects collaborating with top external academics. What you do will in part depend on your background and skills. So you may:

  1. Explore large, granular and unstructured data to uncover interesting patterns, using tools like R or Python
  2. Implement, expand and/or evaluate different data driven models to address key policy or research problems
  3. Create effective visualizations to convey the right message in the most appropriate way
  4. Promote best practices in managing and analysing large or unique datasets

What could I be doing day-to-day?

Every day is different, bringing with it new and exciting challenges.