Programmes available:

Industrial Placements, First Degree Graduates

Responsible for:

Promoting the safety and soundness of 169 international banking groups, including the largest global investment banks from the USA, Europe and Asia. This is a massive undertaking. It’s our job to provide rigorous and forward-looking assessments, to deliver effective prudential supervision of these firms. This involves everything from recovery planning and authorising new banks to risk management and stress testing.

What big issues might I be working on?

Financial supervision is a massive issue at the moment, and we are right at the forefront of it. You’ll be involved in all kinds of high profile banking issues, such as Cypriot banks, the Eurozone crisis, and even the current economic conflict in Russia and Ukraine. You may also find yourself working on international relationships, including home/host supervision practices.

What sort of things could I do here?

They push and test their skills as they contribute to the continuous assessment of international banking groups. This means you’ll get to use your growing analytical skills and economic understanding to support the delivery of regular risk assessment visits. You’ll prepare and present your findings to senior figures here, and work with executives from international banks to see that our new supervisory strategy is being correctly implemented. All of this means that you’ll get plenty of opportunity to develop your technical and interpersonal skills.

What could I be doing day-to-day?

Variety is a huge part of what we do and each day can bring new challenges and opportunities. You could find yourself:

  • Monitoring a firm's capital adequacy by reviewing regulatory data
  • Discussing findings from a recent stress testing exercise with actuarial risk specialists
  • Accompanying supervisory teams to carry out risk assessments at firms’ offices
  • Talking over live issues with colleagues across the team, and key people across the financial sector.