Programmes available:

First Degree Graduates

Responsible for:

Promoting the safety and soundness of over 700 UK banks, building societies and credit unions. To put it another way, we directly regulate all the most significant UK financial firms – some of which have balance sheets over £1trillion. Delivering effective prudential supervision to these firms is a considerable challenge, and sees us:

  • Challenging business models
  • Setting capital and liquidity requirements
  • Carrying out recovery and resolution planning for the firms
  • Authorising new banks, building societies and credit unions
  • Managing risks and carrying out stress tests.

What big issues might I be working on?

As our work is directly linked to the fallout from the financial crisis, every issue you’ll work on will have a high profile. For example, you might be focusing on authorising ‘challenger banks’ – new banks aiming to shake up the status quo held by the current market leaders. Or you could be looking at new entities being separated out of existing UK banks, or finding new ways of thinking about the numerous changes to regulatory policy affecting today’s market.

What sort of things could I do here?

Our graduates are directly involved in the continuous assessment of the firms under our remit. They use their growing analytical skills and economic understanding to deliver risk assessments, before presenting their findings to senior figures here. They also work with leaders at UK financial firms to see that our new supervisory strategy is being correctly implemented. All of this means that you’ll get plenty of opportunity to develop your technical and interpersonal skills.

What could I be doing day-to-day?

Variety is a huge part of what we do and each day can bring new challenges and opportunities. You could find yourself:

  • Monitoring a firm's capital adequacy by reviewing regulatory data
  • Discussing findings from a recent stress testing exercise with actuarial risk specialists
  • Talking over live issues with colleagues across the team, and key people across the financial sector.